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  • svc-kitchen-01.jpg
  • svc-kitchen-06.jpg
  • svc-kitchen-05.jpg
  • svc-kitchen-04.jpg
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At Covenant Contracting, we offer the following kitchen remodeling and renovation services:

  • Cabinet Fabrication and Installation
  • Countertop Fabrication and Installation
  • Demolition
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Tile work
  • Plaster, prime, and paint work

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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation services can completely transform your space.

Schedule a site inspection here to get started with your NYC kitchen renovations.

A kitchen’s appearance can drastically change the ambiance within a building. Home kitchens bring the entire space together, since kitchens are typically utilized for gathering. Previously, kitchen renovations were costly projects that took years to complete. Today’s technology has allowed companies like Covenant Contracting Group to complete kitchen renovations in accordance with the clients’ desires within a timely manner, without breaking the bank.

Nice counters and cabinets in a kitchen

Cabinet and Countertop Fabrication & Installation

The appearance of cabinets and countertops alters a kitchen’s entire appearance. If your countertops and cabinets feel outdated, our fabrication & installation services can breathe new life into them, ultimately transforming your kitchen into the space of your dreams.

Kitchen tiling

Tile Work, Plaster, Prime, and Paint Work

If aesthetics are your main concern, our tile work, plaster, prime, and paintwork services can help. Sometimes, a kitchen just needs a simple retouch. However, other kitchen renovations are more complex. These services accommodate projects across many different levels of complication. Our Commercial General Contractors will see that your kitchen transforms into something beautiful.

cleaning up during a renovation

Demolition and Flooring

Starting from square one can be daunting. Sometimes, a kitchen’s flaws will call for complete demolition, and clients will rebuild their kitchen from there. If this description fits your needs, we also offer flooring services for your kitchen renovations.

plumbing under a sink

Electrical Work and Plumbing

You won’t need to look for another company to complete your electrical and plumbing work. Covenant Contracting Group can rewire and replumb your kitchen for its new standards during your renovations. These services can drastically alter your kitchen’s functionality, helping your tenants live comfortably within your space.

Kitchen renovations no longer need to be intimidating or costly. All of our services at Covenant Contracting Group run at competitive rates, encouraging NYC property managers to complete their projects sooner rather than later. Remember, we also offer emergency repair services if your kitchen needs immediate assistance. Please be sure to request a free estimate here, so that we can begin your renovations as soon as possible.

Schedule a site inspection with us today to begin your kitchen renovations project!