Benefits of Bringing Old Wood Floors Back to Life

Refinished flooring adds a sense of charm and style to your property that makes a lasting impression on prospective tenants. Hardwood floors in rental properties tend to have scratches and damages as tenants move in and out. When it’s time to look for new renters, Covenant Contracting Group in NYC suggests refinishing hardwood floors if needed on top of kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations for these reasons.

Address Potential Safety Hazards

Refinishing helps you address potential maintenance issues with your flooring. Damaged floors require significant maintenance and could lead to safety issues. Tenants could also find damaged floors to be a dealbreaker. Renting out a property that could lead to a potential injury would also reflect badly on the property manager.

Increases Rental Property Value

Homes with hardwood floors sell faster and for about 10% more than similar homes without a hardwood floor. This same appeal could translate to attracting tenants for a rental property, but only if the property has a beautiful hardwood floor. By refinishing old floors, you can remove gritty surfaces, dents, and scratches that mar the wood, making the floors look new again.

Low-Cost Upgrade

Sanding and refinishing wood would cost you less than installing new flooring. When you leave floor damage unaddressed, it gets worse and you would have to shell out more money to replace the floor. Refinishing reduces maintenance costs in the long run and helps you ward off pests on the property. Small crevices on the floor could invite ants and termites to occupy decayed pockets on the floor. Refinishing could help you avoid these headaches.

Floor repairs are necessary when you're managing a property and trying to keep maintenance costs low for years to come. Well-maintained properties attract high-value tenants, so you want to address hardwood floor problems through refinishing and other repairs before it becomes worse.

Schedule a site inspection with Covenant Contracting Group today to upgrade your flooring and learn more about other renovations needed to attract more tenants.