5 Signs It’s Time to Refinish Your Rental Property Floors

Hardwood flooring is the top choice of home buyers and renters because of its elegant look and feel. While wood looks visually appealing, it requires regular maintenance to make it last for a long time.

Before new tenants come in, property managers in NYC may need to bring in a commercial general contractor like Covenant Contracting Group to maintain hardwood flooring.

Refinishing hardwood floors and other small renovations may be necessary when these signs appear.

Deep or Numerous Scratches

Scratches on hardwood may appear like a minor problem, but it makes your floor susceptible to water damage. When hardwood floors have deep scratches or several small ones across the surface, water could easily reach the inside of the wood and cause rotting and other damage. To avoid making the problem worse, hire professionals to assess the damage or refinish the floor before any project.

Extensive Stains

Stains are more likely to happen on the hardwood when previous tenants have children. Most stains disappear when you apply the right cleaning agents.

For stubborn smudges all over the floor or large stains that ruin the appearance of hardwood, consider refinishing. The process strips off the topmost layer of hardwood to remove defects and make it more appealing to the next tenants.

Water Stains

Wood and water do not mix. Repeated water spills and pet urine could take their toll on a hardwood floor.

Over the years, these stains could ruin the hardwood floor. One indication that the floor is starting to deteriorate is when the surface turns gray.

Sanding and refinishing stained areas should eliminate the layers of wood with stains, grazes, and scratches. If water already seeped into the wood, replacing the floors may be the only option.

Sun Damage

Planks near windows and doors tend to lose their original color quickly. UV rays can cause discoloration on hardwood floors, which is why some property owners opt for tinted windows.

When hardwood floor colors fade, the color across the hardwood floor becomes consistent. Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors should bring back the uniform color.

Maintaining a property's hardwood floor goes a long way to make it marketable to tenants. Schedule an appointment with Covenant Contracting Group in NYC to experience how convenient it can be to let a commercial contractor take charge of bathroom renovations, floor refinishing, and other upgrades to transform properties to a move-in-ready condition.