5 Reasons to Have Your Rentals Property Bathtubs Glazed

When tenants shop for rental homes, bathrooms receive much scrutiny. Everyone wants to live in a comfortable and safe place, and one of the first things renters focus on is the bathroom.

Tenants appreciate having a bathtub as most rental properties have showers instead of the traditional tub. But if you’re offering a property with a tub, you may have to consider hiring a commercial general contractor like Covenant Contracting Group in NYC for tub glazing for these reasons.

Glazing Makes Rental Properties More Marketable

Dingy and dirty tubs cause more damage than having no bathtub. Glazing a bathtub not only removes unwanted marks and stains, but the process also brings back the old shine on an older bathtub, making it look like a new installation. Properties with cozy bathrooms and tubs could make a lasting impression on tenants.

Paint Chips May Pose Safety Hazards

When peeling marks start to appear on the bathtub, the problem could get worse over time. More small chips of paint could come off. Although lead- based paints are no longer in use for most paints, it’s still safer to keep your kids or pets away from a peeling tub. Small children and pets may lick or swallow paint chips or the flakes may injure them. Reglazing can get rid of this problem so nothing peels off your tub.

Chipped Porcelain Speed Up Deterioration

When you’re carrying something heavy like a tool or a jar and it falls on the tub, it can chip the porcelain. Porcelain chips tend to be as sharp as a razor. Aside from causing injuries, the hole it leaves on the tub could cause further deterioration on the surface and cause rust spots to appear. Reglazing can seal off these holes to avoid injuries and further deterioration.

Solve Cosmetic Problems

As long as there are no serious issues with your bathtub, glazing could be enough to get rid of stubborn dirt, scum, and stains on your tub. When cleaning agents can no longer get rid of the problem, tub glazing could bring back your tub’s original shine and make it appear as good as new.

More Cost-Effective

Old, broken tubs have to go, but when the only issue you have with the bathtub is its appearance, it's more affordable to go for tub glazing. Replacing a tub can be as stressful as full bathroom renovations depending on the size and kind of the tub. You have to buy a new tub, remove the old one, rip off the tiles, and install the new tub. The process takes time and costs more money.

Bathroom renovations could go a long way in maintaining the rental property's overall condition, keeping tenants satisfied, and increasing occupancy rates. Schedule an inspection with Covenant Contracting Group in NYC when you’re looking for a renovations company to handle remodeling, kitchen renovations, tub glazing, and other rental property upgrades in NYC.